The Chosen One
  By: Brittany C. Carson
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This book is based on her life and the mind blowing experiences that she have encountered. She has experienced having ADHD being misunderstood most of her life, being raised in poverty and in a dangerous neighborhood, being in the middle of drive-by shootings, being involved in a robbery as a child, being abused as a child, seeing others abused within her family, learning how to walk again after knee surgery, numerous heartbreaks of hitting rock bottom, debt, thoughts of suicide, losing herself, and then having a spiritual awakening and rediscovering herself.

She believes her story can help many people in the world to become better, to never give up on life, to be their authentic self and to live up to their potential.

She was inspired to step out of her shell after experiencing a spiritual awakening that motivated her to change and let other people know about her experiences. The things that she has been through can be guidance to others.


July Just Doesn't Fit In

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July Just Doesn't Fit In is a book about a 12 year old female named July going through an experience in middle school that most kids will go through or have already experienced.  

While being in middle school she thought that should would fit in with other groups of people. So, she went through trying to fit in with different kinds of groups. After going through those experiences she realizes that she does not fit in with any of the groups of people.