Happy Clients

After purchasing and reading Brittany's book in an entire day I was eager to reach out to her to inquire about her counseling services. It was a pleasure to work with Brittany after my first session it was inspiring to my life. In one of my sessions Brittany had ask me a question, What did you put your time into when you were younger? I sat back and really thought about it! It was writing!

-Shermika Harris

Not sure where to begin. It's a list of many ways Brittany has helped me physically and mentally. She has helped me grow and feel completely better whenever I had to deal with some mental illness issues as well as pains from my past or even recent traumatic experiences. I know there are a lot of life coached around but she is by far one of the best coaches in Charlotte, NC and soon will be all over the world! I highly recommend her services. You won't regret it and I'm very happy with my choice of having Brittany as my coach!

-A. Williams