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What is a Intuitive Life Coach?

As a Intuitive Life Coach I will be using my intuition, experiences, wisdom, principles, teachings, and traditional coaching to assist you. I can help assist you with goal setting, creating action plans, tapping into your purpose, working on blockages, habits and beliefs. While using my intuition I will allow you to connect to the deeper parts of yourself, guide you through your obstacles and help you tap into your true self. My goal is to help you attain your goals and assist you along your path.


Mission Statement

As a Certified Intuitive Life Coach I will uphold the highest level of integrity. I will not lie or mislead a client. I will not be dishonest in any dealings with a client. I will lead not only with words but with the example of my life. I will help any and everyone the best way that I can to the best of my ability. My service as an Intuitive Life Coach is to never forget that the greatest among us is the servant. I will honor and respect the institution of Life Coaching. Coaching is not about me it is about my clients and what I am doing is bigger than me. I will remember that my service is to make a difference in the world. I will be great in my doings to live a life of service.